Teaching and Learning in Care Homes Programme

In February 2022 Holmwood House was invited to apply for a place on the Teaching and Learning in Care Homes Programme. In brief, the aim of the Teaching and Learning Care Homes programme is to develop a geographically spread network of homes that:

  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to person centred care and way of working which will be
    experienced by all who live, die, visit, and work in the Home
  • Are centres for learning, practice development and research, actively engaging with staff,
    students, residents, and the community
  • Have strong working relationships with academic and education providers and are a resource
    for other care homes

Since joining the programme, we have used the platform provided to continuously to improve the outcomes for the people living at Holmwood House. We have worked alongside 3 other care homes providing nursing care across the Norfolk and Waveney area, each Home focusing on their own individual agendas for improvement. By meeting regularly, we are able to share our progress and our obstacles, innovations, points of reference and knowledge. Our network of professionals has expanded exponentially giving us access to experts in different sectors. The programme has also allowed us to participate in raising the profile of the essential knowledge and experience of nurses in social care.

As part of this piece of work we were invited to present at the Inaugural Integrated Care Systems conference on research, innovation, and quality improvement at the University of East Anglia. Holmwood House was placed first for the excellent work in progress!

Social Care is not a stationary sector. We must continue to learn and develop and adopt and create improved practice, to actively share positive messages and in doing so. to raise the profile of care homes as positive places to live and work.

Download your copy of the Holmwood poster 2022 here!


Holmwood poster 2022

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